Easy to use database for your books, now available for download

Here is a quick overview of the main features:

  • Portability. DJOBooks doesn't need any installation, won't add keys to your system registry or DLLs to your system folders and it can run from any removable support like pen drives.
  • Unlimited database capacity. DJOBooks will let you add as many books to its database as you need and you can also create as many new databases as you wish.
  • Personalizing collections. Everytime you add or modify the general fields of a collection (authors, genres, publishers or tags) you won't have to repeat the process for each collections you have, they will be up to date even if located in different PCs.
  • Adding books from web. You just have to type either the title or the ISBN of the book you want to add to your collection and DJOBooks will search the web for it retrieving all the details you need.
  • Copying books from a collection to another. If you want to move a book to another collection you won't have to type all its details once again but will need just few clicks to complete the task.
  • Searching tools. You can search your book collections by book's title, rating, authors, publishers, genres and more. You'll always quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Exporting collections. You can export your book collections to XML and CST files and open them with all the most used database software like Microsoft Access or Open Office Base.
  • Importing books. If you already have a book collection and you wish to import it to DJOBooks you'll only need few easy steps to perform the task saving the time of adding them one by one.

Click here if you want to have more details about all the features of DJOBooks or click here to give a look at some screenshots.

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