Why am i getting a "unable to access collection database" error?
Why am i getting a "Impossible to select books from the current collection" error?
Make sure your collection file is not corrupted and that the DJOBooks.db and General_Tables.db files are both in the same folder as the DJOBooks.exe.
We recommend to not open the database files with any other software other than DJOBooks to avoid corrupting them.
The collection i exported isn't getting opened correctly by other databse softwares.
Please follow the steps described in this tutorial, they will guide you through all the process and make sure you are able to import your books collection to other database softwares correctly.
I keep on getting errors while trying to import books with the Import Books tools.
Please follow the steps described in this tutorial, they will show you how to set up your collection before importing it to DJOBooks.
The tutorial also have an example CST file to help you with the formatting.
I get a "missing dll" error at the startup, whi is that?
Download the zip package again from our download section and make sure all the DJOBooks dll files are inside the same foder of DJOBooks.exe. If that doesn't solve your problem than your system is most likely missing some components of the DotNet Framework. Here is a direct link to the Microsoft site download area where you can download and install the required components.
Are there any keyboard shortcuts to navigate the book database?
Use the four arrows to move between the books in the current page, PGUP and PGDN to move the vertical scrollbar, CTRL + Right Arrow, CTRL + Left Arrow to move to the next and previous pages, CTRL + Up Arrow, CTRL + Down Arrow to move to the last and first page.