Here's a brief description of DJOBooks main features, click here to give a look at some screenshots:

  • Portability
  • DJOBooks doesn't require any kind of installation and you can run it from any kind of external support, such as removable HD and pen drives.
  • Unlimited database size
  • DJOBooks allows you to both add as many books as you wish to its default collection and to create as many new collections as you like.
    You can create a new collection with few mouse clicks using the menu item *Collection->New Collection*, just choose a name and you'll be ready to use it.
  • Personalizing collections
  • DJOBooks lets you add, edit, delete the general fields of the collections (i.e. authors, genres, publishers, tags, series) by using the *General Fields* button in the toolbar or the relative menu item. The dialog window will present you a list of all the element already added to your collections.
    Everytime you add, modify or delete a general field you won't need to repeat the process for each collection you have, all the changes you made will be automatically applied to all the collections even if they are located in different PCs.
  • Manage books
  • You can modify existing books, add new ones, delete those you don't need anymore.
    To add a book to the current collection you can use both the tolbar button *New Book* or the file menu item *Book->New Book*.

    The first tab of the New Book dialog window lets you assign all the most common details, like authors, genres, publishers, ISBN, pages, edition. You can use that tab to add new authors, genres, publishers, tags, series in the process and use them right away for your new book.
    You also have the option to search the web for both the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 values if you don't know them.

    The second tab lets you add a description of the book, as for the ISBN, you can use the Search Web button to grab a description from the web.

    The third tab is to assign a format to the book. In case of e-books you can also link the new book to a file in your hard drive.

    The last tab is to assign front and back covers to the book. You can both choose an image file from your hard drive or use the Search Web button to pick one from the net. You can also save that image to a file and set it as the new book thumb.

    Modifying books is just as easy, just select a book on the main list then use the *Edit Book* button on the toolbar or the menu item *Book->Edit Book*, the dialog window has the same tools of the one you'd use to add a new book.
    To delete a book just select one or any number of books from the main list and click the *Delete Book* button in the toolbar, the books will be deleted from the list..
  • Adding books from web
  • This feature will come in handy when you only know the title or the ISBN of the book and need to get all the other details: click the *Search Book From Web* button and DJOBooks will search them for you returning a list of books corresponding to your search parameters. Just pick one of them and all its details will be added to a New Book dialog window and ready to be saved to your collection.
  • Copying books from a collection to another
  • If you want to move a book from a collection to another one you won't have to add it again from scratch typing all its details, the *Copy Book To* button of the toolbar will let you choose the collection you want to copy the book to and with few clicks of mouse the task will be performed.
  • Search collection
  • DJOBooks lets you search your books collection by multiple search criteria:
    by title, rating, author, publisher, genre, language, tag, format.
    To start searching the collection use the Search menu or the *Search collection by...* button on the toolbar. Just insert the search parameters in the dialog window and you'll quickly get what you're looking for.

    The Free Search lets you specify different criteria and create more complex queries to search the collection.
  • Collection details
  • Retrieving the most important details of your current collection is a straightforward task: the boxes at the bottom of the main window will let you know right away if an author, a genre, a publisher and a serie is associated with any of the books of the collection. Just type a name in one of the boxes and a tooltip will show you if that entry is in the collection or not.
    Clicking a tooltip item will open a dialog window with details of the books associated to that author, genre, publisher, serie.
  • Exporting collections
  • If you want to export your book collection and open it with other database software like Microsoft Access or Open Office Base use the *Export Collection* button of the tolbar, you'll only need to assign a name to the file created, DJOBooks will took care of everything else.
    You can export your collection to both XML and CST formats.

    NOTE: To make sure that the exported file will be correctly handled by the other database software please check this tutorial that will guide you through each step of the process.
  • Importing books
  • If you already have a books collection and you wish to add it to DJOBooks use the *Import Books* button of the toolbar, the files will be added to your current collection.
    DJOBooks only supports CST files as source for the importing books operation.

    NOTE: To make sure that the books will be correctly added to your collection please check this tutorial that will show you how to configure your CST books file before performing the importing operation. The tutorial will guide you through each step of the process.