This tutorial will describe each step required to perform an import books operation:

DJOBooks only supports Comma Separated Text .txt files as data sources, so you'll need your database software to support exporting to CST files. The CST file will also have to be correctly formatted before performing the import books operation either way DJOBooks won't properly recognize your data.
The formatting concerns both column names and fields data.
Choose to export your books as a field delimited data with the character '|' as the delimiter and the column names as the first text row.

• DJOBooks supports the sequent column names:
'Title'   (the title of the book is the only mandatory field)
'Added'   (adding date of the book to the collection)
'Format'   (EBooks, Hardcover, Paperback and others)
'LastModified'   (date of the last time the book details were modified)
'Series'   (publishing serie the book belongs to)
'Width'   (physical dimension of the book)
'Height'   (physical dimension of the book)
'Depth'   (physical dimension of the book)
'Position'   (location of the book in your bookshelf)
'FileName'   (name of the ebook file associated to the book)
'FullPath'   (full path in your hard drive of the ebook file associated to the book)
'FileSize'   (size of the ebook file associated to the book)
'FileExtension'   (type of ebooks file associated to the book, like pdf or epub)

If you assign to your book collection columns names other than those ones DJOBooks will discard those columns when importing your data.

Some of those columns data need further formatting:
• The Rating columns accepts integer values from 0 to 10 or the decimal values 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0. When exporting your collection as a CST file, if you have decimal values for the rating column, choose the default decimal number separator of your operating system culture as the separator for the Rating.
• The Authors column accepts up to three names for the authors field. To make sure that the author names are correctly handled set them in a 'First-name Last-name' format, if there is more than one separate each with a ', ' (so that you have a text string like 'First-name1 Last-name1, First-name2 Last-name2')
• The Genres and Tags columns accepts up to three values, just like for the Authors column if there is more than one separate them with a ', '.
• The Publishers and Series columns accepts just one value.
• The ISBN10 and ISBN13 columns accept well formed ISBN values. DJOBooks will check if the submitted ISBN value is correctly formed either way will signal a data type error.

If columns data is not properly formatted DJOBooks will signal a data type error before inserting the books to your current collection, at that point you can choose to either cancel the operation or perform it, in this last case only the properly formatted data will be inserted in the colection.

You can give a look at this example of a Comma Separated Text .txt files to make sure the file you're about to import is properly formatted.